Keng's Cafe Culture | HAMBURG


With it’s stunning interior, beautiful equipment and carefully curated Instagram, I had high expectations about Törnqvist. When I arrived I immediately got a sense of relief; this place ìs truly living up to its hype.

Whilst casually hanging on the bar, Linus explained the idea behind the cafes interior: it’s all about transparency. Nothing is hidden and everyone who walks in can see what’s happening. The guests are encouraged to ask about the coffees and the way they are made. We had the opportunity to choose between two origins. Here at Törnqvist, there are only 3 types of beverages available:

The Shot, pulled as a naked double espresso. The Flat White, using the same espresso combined with milk. And a Brew, a Kalita made filter coffee. All served in the same porcelain cup, especially made for the cafe.

Every coffee that is made, Linus gets from the best Scandinavian roasters. He rotates these often, but always serves filter roast, even for espresso. Brewed to perfection, using a MVP Hydra, Mythos and EK grinders, Kalita brewers and carefully made RO water.

When we arrived, I ordered every coffee drink in the menu, which isn’t that hard obviously. Started off with the espresso, pulled with a thoroughly thought through long extraction. With amazing flavor clarity resulting in the cup. The Brew next, brewed with another high extraction, showcasing the flavor complexity. And then the Flat White, this blew my mind. Amazing balance, synergy with the milk, and maybe the best milk drink I’ve ever had in a cafe. This guy knows what he’s doing.

We came back the next day. It was a Saturday and only a few minutes after opening, the place was already filling up. Even with the high demand, the quality of the coffee, the service and the overall vibe was exactly as the same as the day before; amazing.

All in all, one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in a cafe.