Photo by Imme Kievit

Photo by Imme Kievit

Keng Pereira

Photographer, specialized in film, based in Amsterdam.  

I specialize in lifestyle, food and sports photography.
I also focus on documenting the places I travel through visual storytelling. Wether these are analog or digital.

Apart from this Iā€™m currenly shooting an ongoing project called Kengs Cafe Culture.
With my love for traveling and coffee combined, I started documenting cafe culture around the world which resulted in me starting #kengscafeculture. Combining my photography with my background in coffee, this gives me a unique perspective on cafe culture. Instead of focusing solely on the way a cafe looks, or what makes it populair, I tend to focus more on what goes on in the background. I look for quality, uniqueness and the stories about the people behind these amazing cafes.

For (print) inquiries get in contact with me at or send me a message through the button below!