Photo by Imme Kievit

Photo by Imme Kievit

Keng Pereira

Photographer, specialised in film, based in Amsterdam and Bali.  

I started working in the coffee industry in 2009. With my highlights being coming in 2nd at the Dutch Barista Championship 2015 and being part of the team that helped three time Dutch Barista Champion Lex Wenneker. Because of this, I got the chance to travel to many different places for coffee. With my love for traveling and coffee combined, I started documenting cafe culture around the world which resulted in me starting #kengscafeculture. Combining my photography with my background in coffee, this gives me a unique perspective on cafe culture. Instead of focusing solely on the way a cafe looks, or what makes it populair, I tend to focus more on what goes on in the background. I look for quality, uniqueness and the stories about the people behind these amazing cafes.

Apart from Keng's Cafe Culture, I focus on photographing my travels, people, food and events, both analog and digital.

For (print) inquiries get in contact with me at or send me a message through the button below!